Patient Triage

Before patients attend, they will need to be assessed regarding the level of infection risk that they present. Patients will be asked a series of questions regarding their health. An appointment will be re-arranged if a patient has any Covid-19 symptoms.


  • On arrival, the patient phones reception on 01565 632343 as instructed.
  • They are asked to wait outside until their pre-arranged appointment time but may be invited into the practice waiting room if there is space while maintaining social distancing.
  • Once the clinical team have informed the receptionist that they are ready for the next patient, the patient will be invited into the practice.
  • Patients should attend on their own (unless accompanying children or as a carer)
  • Doors will be opened by staff to prevent patients touching handles etc
  • No physical greetings eg handshakes
  • Patients disinfect hands on entering the practice (and leaving the surgery) using the hand sanitizer
  • Patients are to leave coats, hats, scarves and large bags in the box provided for their personal use
  • Patients are asked to try not to touch surfaces except the handrail for safety. This is disinfected between patients.
  • If paper transactions are required, patients are asked to bring their own pens.
  • Patients will be asked to go straight to the surgery after disinfecting hands.
  • Practice toilets will be considered out of bounds (if unavoidable patients must ask permission to use the toilet facilities)

In Surgery

  • When a patient is in the surgery, access to the room will be controlled
  • No physical greetings should be made
  • Surgery staff will open and close doors
  • Patients may be escorted to and from the surgery if necessary
  • If further appointments are required, these will be made via telephone so that the patient can immediately leave the building
  • If payment is required, these can be made via BACS, cheque or by credit/debit card via the telephone

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