We would like to thank all our patients for bearing with us during this unprecedented time. We have been unable to carry out any ‘routine’ dental treatments due to Public Health England banning all ‘face to face’ contact with patients.

Changes announced last week now allow practices to open from 8th June. However, we are still awaiting guidance from the Chief Dental Officer and Public Health England regarding the safe provision of any treatment. We are not expected to receive this until sometime this week. To ensure the safety of our patients and staff training will have to take place, the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) will need to be sourced. This is easier said than done as there is still a worldwide shortage of certain types of PPE.

There will be changes to the way you access our services. We will need medical history updates as before, but  this will have to be done over the telephone before you attend your appointment. We will carry out a medical history update a few days prior to your appointment and a further one on the day of your appointment. We will also take your temperature when you attend your appointment. If you or a member of your household is exhibiting any symptoms associated with Covid-19, we will not be able to see you until your period of self isolation has finished.

This plus even more rigorous cleaning of surgery surfaces than before, means longer intervals between appointments, which in turn means we will need to see less patients in a day which will unfortunately impact on waiting times for appointments.

Our receptionist will work behind a screen for their protection and yours, you will have seen these widely used at shops and garages already.

We will also try extremely hard to run to time, and as such request that you, our patients try and time your arrival accurately so you can tell reception when you’re here (a quick phone call) and we can ask you to enter the practice. To maintain social-distancing we will try not to keep you in the waiting area.

We will try and email treatment estimates to you, with direct payment details included so there is little or no waiting to pay at reception.  Future appointments can be booked by telephone.

We do want everyone to feel confident and safe attending The King Street Dental Practice.  If you do have any questions relating to your problems, or your future visits to us, please email us at info@kingstreetdent.co.uk

For a little light relief that sums up the current situation:     https://www.facebook.com/dentistsinging/videos/2777013729091923/

Many thanks,


All at The King Street Dental Practice



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